American Studies at Muhlenberg offers students the opportunity to study the culture and history of the United States from an interdisciplinary perspective. The four-course core requirement provides an introductory experience to influential ideas, events and productions in the fields of literature, history and political science, while the rest of the curriculum is self-designed, that is, the course work is chosen by majors themselves.

To fulfill the requisite number of courses for graduation, students may select, in consultation with their advisor, from courses in art, business, English, environmental science, history, music, philosophy, political science, religion, sociology/anthropology or theatre that focus on American experience. Students may choose to concentrate on a particular area of American Studies that engages their interest and imagination, such as place and space in America, politics and popular culture, immigration and identity, labor and the arts and ethnic studies.

The interdisciplinarity of American Studies encourages independence and innovation, while at the same time providing a structured background in the literature, history and political culture of the United States.


  • Housing in America

    One group of students took a class on housing policy before embarking on a Habitat for Humanity spring break together.

  • From E Street to Law School

    An early class on Bruce Springsteen guided Tara Pachter ’16 toward Muhlenberg’s American studies major, which prepared her well for her continued education.