From the moment you begin your journey as a Muhlenberg student, we will support you in discovering and achieving your peak potential. We'll work alongside you as you explore and find the career that will fuel your passion and provide outstanding opportunities in your chosen field.   

Muhlenberg alumni are found leading and serving at some of the nation's and world's most compelling public, private and nonprofit organizations, and thriving in prestigious and highly competitive graduate programs. As a student, you'll be connected to this global Muhlenberg network of alumni for life, with friends and colleagues willing to help open the door and show you the way.

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Regardless of what degree you choose to pursue, graduates of Muhlenberg go on to be risk takers and change makers in a wide range of industries.

Our Alumni

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A woman dressed professionally speaks the camera from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
A man stands outdoors in a setting surrounded by trees while looking off camera.
A man in a black Allentown School District jacket stands smiling with his arms crossed in a gymnasium.
A woman in a black pantsuit stands outside, leaning on a white fence, and smiles at the camera.

“Muhlenberg provides a great education but at the same time, it also gives students a lot of agency when it comes to building their own character and building their own career path.” — Laura Diorio '20 , Social Media Coordinator at Intercontinental Exchange

“The idea that we were able to tell a story that people connected with and felt was important enough to say it was deserving of this award … it doesn’t feel disposable.” — Joe Nash '07 , Emmy- Award Winning Producer Read Joe's Story

“Until you're exposed to as many different things as possible, you don't know what your true talent is.” — Toomey Anderson '03 , Coordinator of Athletics and Activities for the Allentown School District Read Toomey's Story

“I’ve spent time in a lot of different environments professionally. I have experience that I think is valuable to younger employees trying to figure things out.” — Reneé Garrick ’12 , Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs at Muck Rack Read Reneé's Story

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Impact isn’t bound to any one industry or field of study. Muhlenberg graduates prove this each and every day.